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 Schematic overview of levels of governance in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Review of BiH institutional setup 

Parliamentary Assembly of BIH

The Parliamentary Assembly of BiH (PABIH) is the bicameral legislative body on the state-level seated in Sarajevo.
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Parliament of the Federation of BIH

The PFBiH is the bicameral Parliament of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina that is the larger entity covering 51% of the territory of BiH and is mainly populated by Bosniaks and Croats.
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National Assembly of the Republika Srpska

The NARS is the directly elected unicameral parliament of Republika Srpska (RS) seated in Banja Luka.
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Brčko District Assembly

Brčko District Assembly (BDA) is the unicameral parliament representing peoples of the neutral self-governing administrative unit Brčko District, under the sovereignty of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
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