Component 1

The aim of Component 1 is to achieve that EU Units – which serve as focal points and centres for EU expertise in the administrations of BiH Parliaments – are able to provide efficient professional support to the EU integration tasks.
Component 1 will also focus on the support to the implementation and the regular update of EU Integration Action Plans which provide a detailed list of tasks helping the BiH Parliaments to perform their EU-related tasks. 
BiH Parliaments will be also assisted in preparing and implementing their EU communication action plans to enhance their role and intensify their efforts in informing Members and administrations of Parliaments, civil society organizations, media and the general public about the benefits and challenges of EU integration process.

Component 2

Component 2 intends to make the cooperation mechanism of the BiH Parliaments adopted as a key result of the first Twinning Project fully operational. For that purpose, organization of political level coordination meetings, (Conference of Speakers of the BiH Parliaments, Parliamentary Forum on EU Integration, Cooperation of sectoral committees) will be assisted and facilitated. The Component also aims to provide specialized and up-to-date information (strategic guidance, consultation and training) on the role and involvement of the Members and staff of the European integration committees and the Stabilisation and Association Parliamentary Committee and also to raise the involvement of other standing committees of BiH Parliaments in the EU integration process.

Component 3

The objective of this Component is to enhance the capacity of the administrations of BiH Parliaments in the EU legal approximation process especially in the compatibility checking and legal drafting activities. Based on the outcome of the previous Twinning Light Project, structures and procedures of law approximation in the BiH Parliaments will be improved, as well as the legal approximation skills of the staff will be enhanced through regular practical and coaching exercises.

Component 4

Component 4 aims at ensuring the Cantonal Assemblies’ engagement in the European integration process by the elaboration and introduction of a Common Action Plan for the Cantonal Assemblies, enabling them to perform their share of constitutional responsibilities and accomplish their institutional adaptation especially in exercising their tasks in the coordination of EU integration activities and the implementation of the SAA. Component 4 will also focus on raising capacities of Representatives and Administrations of Cantonal Assemblies by training activities to assist them to perform their EU integration related work more efficiently.