EU Resource Centre

This pilot-project is a step forward towards an EU electronic resource center, shared by all BiH parliaments, collecting and structuring relevant information for the EU integration process in a modern, user-friendly and cooperative fashion.

The pilot-project is a part of Component 1 of the Twinning project, focused on Enhancing the capacities of the EU units of the Beneficiary Parliaments. The Sub-Component 1.3 “Contribution to the preparation and implementation of parliamentary EU communication action plans” takes stock of the previous two Twinning projects for the BiH Parliaments and their outputs: the Twinning project “Enhancing the role of parliaments in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the EU integration context” and the Twinning Light Project “Support to the administrative structures for EU integration related tasks of the Parliaments of Bosnia and Herzegovina”.

Based on the recommendations of the first two Twinning Projects and the results of the assessment carried out in Activity 1.1.0, Sub-Component 1.3 provides practical support to Beneficiary Parliaments in elaborating and implementing their EU communication action plans, thus enabling them to perform their EU information tasks efficiently and in a systematic manner.