Directorate for European Integration of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina

DEI performs the role of the central institutional participant in the process of law harmonization.

At state level, once the DEI has confirmed the compliance of the draft with the relevant EU norms, the approved proposal can be submitted to the Council of Ministers for its adoption and official transmission to the PABiH as a government bill for legislation. From the perspective of legal approximation, the Division for Harmonisation of the BiH Legal System with the acquis performs the governmental preparatory tasks.

This Division, as a component unit of the DEI, provides expert assistance for ministries and other administrative bodies through the conduct of ”quality control” on each proposed legislation as to its compatibility with the relevant norms of EU law. This review is done before submission of these proposals for their formal adoption as government initiatives from the Council of Ministers of BiH to the PABiH.

BiH Directorate on European Integration