Online interparliamentary conference of parliamentary standing committees dealing with agriculture

The Twinning Project organized an online inter-parliamentary conference of committees dealing with agriculture, with the participation of Chairs and members of relevant committees of the project implementing EU Member States Austria, Croatia and Hungary and the four Beneficiary Parliaments of Bosnia and Herzegovina on 11 March 2021. The meeting was chaired by the Chair of the Committee on Agriculture of the Hungarian National Assembly.

The online conference provided a great opportunity for parliamentarians to discuss how the EU integration affects the agricultural sector, what challenges Bosnia and Herzegovina is facing in this field and what experiences can be used from the accession and membership of Hungary, Austria and Croatia; furthermore, to have an exchange of views on the latest agriculture-related EU developments and the current state of play.

The agenda of the meeting covered:

• Challenges of EU membership in agriculture in the pre-accession period;
• Experiences of EU membership to meet the needs in EU agricultural markets;
• Cooperation opportunities for the support of agriculture of Bosnia and Hercegovina;
• Current situation of agriculture and forestry in the respective country, and challenges caused by COVID-19 for the agricultural economy and possible solutions.

Members of the seven Parliaments had a fruitful exchange.

The delegations of the interparliamentary conference were headed by:

Mr Sándor Font, Chair of the Committee on Agriculture, Hungarian National Assembly
Mr Georg Strasser, Chair of the Committee on Agriculture and Forestry of the National Council, Austrian National Council
Mr Martin Preineder, Chair of the Committee on Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, Austrian Federal Council
Ms Marijana Petir, Chair of the Agriculture Committee, Croatian Parliament
Mr Nikola Lovrinović, Chair of the Joint Committee for EU integration, PABiH
Mr Obren Marković, Chair of the Committee on Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, NARS
Mr Siniša Golić, Chair of the Committee on Economic Development and Agriculture, BDA