The Twinning Project facilitated coaching and on-the-job training events for all four BiH Parliaments staff

In the framework of the Twinning Project a number of coaching and on-the-job training events were hosted in the venues of the BiH Parliaments. Attended by the staff of the institutions, these specialized trainings offered a direct approach to the process of legal approximation and legal drafting.

Coaching and on-the-job trainings are specialized training sessions for the staff of a single Beneficiary Parliament where an expert analyses a preselected law and goes through the process of legal approximation together with the staff.

The coaching and on-the-job training events are being organized in a consistent manner and currently, thirteen of them were held in the period from October 2019 to December 2020. The Beneficiary Partners chose the topic in the field of legal approximation and the attendees received expert coaching in the chosen field. Five of these trainings were organized as in-person events while six of them have been organized online for the staff of the BiH Parliaments via the Webex platform due to the COVID-19 situation. 
The draft laws selected by the Beneficiary Partners included areas regulating air protection, waste management, chemicals, consumer protection, drugs and medical devices, youth and other relevant fields in the EU legal approximation sphere.